Transform your relationship with your partner during my two-day intensive couples workshop




Starting in September 2019, I will be offering 2-day long ‘reboot couples therapy’ to help clients reconnect with their partners, learn skills to better communicate, gain insight into old patterns and move forward with more joy, intimacy, and connection.

How It Works

Phase 1: Assessment

Before starting this reboot with me, both partners will fill out a thorough assessment that measures relational well-being. In this assessment, I will be able to get a detailed picture of where exactly your relationship needs the most support and improvement. When you come in, I will spend the first 1-2 hours gaining a history of your relationship, and then giving you feedback about your assessment results. Following feedback, I will begin education about the Gottman Method to help both partner develop a framework of how the weekend will work.

Phase 2: Understanding Blocks to Healthy Intimacy and Communication

In this phase, I will be educating you on what gets in the way of couples communicating well, so that you have an understanding of what may be happening in your own relationship that is keeping you upset, stuck and unable to connect with your partner. I will be citing research done on couples and educating you further about the Gottman Method and how it will be used over the course of the workshop.

Phase 3: Developing Tools Through Interventions

Depending on your needs as a couple, I will be using a number of research-based interventions to help you and your partner communicate better. The goal is always greater connection and understanding, and these interventions will help you to accomplish both with your partner.

Phase 4: Building Back Love Maps

Love Maps refer to how well we know our partner’s internal world. This is the foundation of all relationships and fondness, admiration, acknowledgement and connection all grow from having a good sense of your partner’s world. I will be guiding couples through activities that help to foster a deeper and more intimate knowledge of the other in order to

Phase 5: Practicing Skills and Acknowledging Your Partner

In this last phase, we will be putting the skills learned into practice, and working on turning towards your partner in times of frustration and hurt. I will make sure both partners feel confident in what has been keeping them stuck so that moving forward they have a better understanding of where to go when things get tough. This will be a chance to review what was learned and connect with your partner.


This workshop will consist of two 8.5 hour-long days. An outline of the days is included below. Please note that times may vary depending on each couple’s needs. Throughout each day, there will be breaks, time to breathe and relax (separate from your partner if needed), as well as a break for lunch. If couples find they need more time to break, I will be flexible with your needs.

Workshops will be held from 9:30am-6pm on Friday and Saturday, and the fee for the workshop is $3,600. This price can be paid in full, or paid in 4 installments of $950 before the workshop starts. Couples therapy can be one of the most profound and powerful ways that you invest in your relationship. Call me today to learn more about this workshop.

Day 1

9:30-11:30am: Therapist will be doing relationship inventory and will be gaining thorough history of the relationship.

11:30am-12pm: Therapist will meet with one partner individually in order to learn more about their views on the relationship as well as gain a brief history and understanding of the individual.

12-12:30pm: Therapist will meet with other partner individually.

12:30-1:10pm: Break for lunch

1:10-2:45pm: Feedback results from relationship assessment will be explained

2:45-3pm: Break

3-6pm: Jump in! Therapist will be leading clients through interventions and pointing out unhelpful communication styles, and will be educating clients about how to better communicate/ teaching what often hinders healthy and positive communication.

Day 2

9:30-10am: Brief check-in. Discuss what came up after yesterday’s sessions. If there is anything that couples want to process further, Day 2 will be tailored to start with those topics first.

10am-12:30pm: Continue with tool-building and interventions to facilitate better understanding and communication. 

12:30-1pm: Break for lunch

1-3pm: Lead couples through interventions that help build back love and appreciation

3-3:15pm: Break

3:15-5pm: Get on the same page- continue building love maps, create paths to intimacy and connection. Discuss and envision together what each partner wants the relationship to look like moving forward.

5-6pm: Time to check in, reflect, and process anything that feels like it needs more discussion.

Is this workshop right for you and your partner?

Weekly therapy is wonderful and can be wildly beneficial, however for some couples who are feeling like they can’t take any more fighting, turmoil or resentment in their relationship, and want to really commit and start right away- this could be the right fit for you. In this two-day workshop, I will be helping couples to dive in, beginning with a thorough Gottman Method Relationship assessment to help identify where you are needing the most help and support. Right away, you will be receiving feedback from your assessment, beginning to learn what keeps most couples stuck, and jumping in to exercises designed to help couples communicate better and heal resentments. For couples who are busy, have trouble lining up their schedules for weekly therapy or just want to really commit to gaining back more connection right away, this could be a great fit for you. For more questions or details, please visit my “contact me” page to learn more.

I am selective with who I take on as clients. This workshop is meant for couples who are seriously committed to getting to where they want to be. Before working with any couple, I do a thorough phone consultation to make sure you and your partner would be a good fit for this workshop.