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BreakUp&BreakOut was written to help provide information, compassion and healing to help those who are navigating the loss of a relationship. My colleague Rachel and I wanted to apply what we know to be true as relationship experts and therapists to help individuals overcome the devastating thoughts and feelings that can come along with a breakup. To learn more about our book, read our blogs and access our free tools, visit

Praise for BreakUp&BreakOut

“This is not like any other breakup book, this is therapy! The book is such an easy read and the exercises help you get through what you are feeling and how to understand and move forward with your life. One of the greatest purchases I’ve made!”

Praise for BreakUp&BreakOut

“This book has been great in helping me work on my feelings of being stuck in the sadness of my breakup. My relationship and breakup left me with a lot of questions and this book is allowing me to let some of them go, create my own closure and move on.”

Praise for BreakUp&BreakOut

This book is a GAME CHANGER! I was going through some uncomfortable feelings after a difficult relationship. This book was so important in my healing! As someone who loves to work through problems out loud in therapy, this book was the next best thing!! The activities really helped to show me how far along I have come. I also found it helpful to sit with some of those feelings and journal through them, which this book helps with. BUY THIS BOOK AND BUY ONE FOR ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS! Whether you are going through a break up or even a huge life change, this book has all of the answers.”

Speaking & Writing

I love being a mental health advocate and am passionate about sharing my knowledge about how to elevate your well being. If you are wanting to spread mental health awareness in your workplace or community, contact me to learn about my pricing and availability for speaking and/or writing. 

My next speaking event will be in June 2022 in Denver, Colorado, where I will be moderating a mental health panel for a Mountain Made women’s event.