My Role

  • I will always make sure you know how the therapy process is going with your child. However I will not be disclosing everything they say – I want your child to feel like this is their place and space!
  • After the session, I will not be discussing how the session went in front of your child. I want your child to feel like they have the autonomy to share how the session went if they wish to later. 
  • I am not a magician and cannot wave a magic wand to make your child feel better. I am with your child for one hour of the week, and for the rest of the hours in the week, they are with you, at school, or with friends. There are many influences on your child; I am there to be a consistent person that is there to help them navigate their thoughts and feelings. 
  • You can expect that your child will be listened to and cared for!

Parent Involvement

  • Before I meet your child, I want to meet you! This meeting helps me gain important information about your home, lifestyle, parenting style, and anything else you may want to let me know about your child. All of this information helps me provide you and your family with the best care possible.
  • While working with your child, I will be helping them learn some tools to better address their anxiety, worry, sadness, anger or whatever else may be going on for them. Often, I will not be with your child when they need to use these tools. Your child will need your help to learn and be reminded when to use these tools when they are experiencing certain emotions and feelings. 
  • As your child’s parents, you are some of the most important and influential people in their lives, therefore, you are an important part of the therapy process. Your involvement with them outside the room is crucial- we are a team when it comes to helping your child to feel and cope better. 
  • I would love to hear your questions, thoughts and concerns throughout this process. Please feel free to email me with any thing that comes up regarding your child.