I have spoken to and seen many clients who have never been to therapy before. Understandably it can be a scary and new thing to try, especially with most of the knowledge we have of therapy coming from movies, TV shows or some other form of media. I always speak with clients on the phone before meeting them and often hear that they are hoping to come in for a session or two to talk about or solve something that is going on in their lives.

I am always surprised by this thought or statement when I hear it. Therapy is more than just a “quick fix” or me giving advice to a client on big decisions they have to make in their life. In fact- I never give advice. My job is to listen to you- to really hear you- get to know you, and help you explore what feels the best for you. I join people on their journey to happiness and well-being.

Therapy, in my opinion, really is a journey- not a session or two. The profound work and transformations that I have seen come from the therapy process are much more than meeting once and then never seeing a client again. People are so complex and so are their stories and experiences. I am here to help you unpack some of the heavy things that have been going on, and be there by your side to explore and process what comes up for you.

Sure- there are short-term therapies out there, and sometimes maybe all someone needs is someone else to listen to them for a bit. But often when I hear what people are hoping to gain out of therapy, it is more than just a session or two of material and exploration.  Although I have studied in this field and have experience seeing many different clients, I am not the expert on you. It takes time to know my clients, for them to trust me, and for us to walk together on a journey to deeper exploration and inner peace. 

I urge anyone who has been intrigued or interested in therapy to come in and be open to all the process has to offer. Try and put away the opinion you have based on therapy sessions and therapists that you have seen in movies or on TV shows. Having someone hear you, know you and provide a safe space for you to explore all that is you and your world can be a very powerful experience.