It is remarkable how much of the day we can get through without taking time to stop and pay attention to our breathing. We live in a time where life is so fast paces.  We are in the car, we eat in a rush, we are in and out of meetings all day, on the telephone constantly and in front of our computers or some other screen that is always within arms reach.

We seem to always have a long to-do list, and are rushing through the days, wishing we had another few hours. With this face paced lifestyle we have seen a rise in anxiety and in people feeling completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and run down. 

Often, the anxiety that comes from trying to keep everything straight in our lives seems unmanageable. Our stress levels are high and it is hard to catch a break. With this in mind, it is even more important to understand how connected our minds and bodies are. Rarely do many of us take a minute throughout the day to sit, get away from our devices, and pay attention to our bodies and our breathing.

By taking this time to really breathe in and out deeply, we can reregulate ourselves and signal to our brain that we are more relaxed and less anxious. These few moments throughout the day are so beneficial for us, especially when done often and consistently. 

Not only do our brains need a break with all that goes on throughout the day, but breathing deeply does several great things for our bodies. It turns our parasympathetic nervous system on, signaling that we are calm and relaxed and it allows us to let in more oxygen, leading to improved digestion. Additionally it lowers our blood pressure, relaxes our muscles and calms our nerves.

With all these benefits, it seems more than worth it to take those extra five minutes after your lunch break or even on your commute home to relax and pay attention to your breathing. In a world where we are constantly stimulated, let yourself have a few minutes away from the craziness and sit with yourself and your body; the positive impacts are powerful.